Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just for fun....

The very beginning of THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL....

There was a town here, once, not too terribly long ago.

There were cars and families and stores. Dogs and roads and tomato plants that grew year-round in the too-warm dirt. People who loved their homes, who wouldn't leave even after the government bought their land, tried to force them out.

Now, it's just people mad enough to worship here.

And me.

“Five years ago, the world darkened.”

The preacher begins his sermon. He stands at the back of the cemetery, balancing a black Bible on the tombstone that is his pulpit. He reaches out, his other hand touching the cheek of the stone angel watching guard over the grave. Its face is blackened from years of smoke rising from the ground, from the wind blowing the earth that has turned to a thick carpet of ash. The angel is no longer a signal of comfort. It has become a harbinger.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Climb Time

Today, one of my good friends was in town from school, and he asked if I wanted to climb outdoors. Because you have to make a trek and I'm not lead-certified yet, I normally climb indoors, but climbing outdoors is awesome if you can do it.

Of course,

  1. It was cold
  2. It was supposed to rain
  3. I was exhausted from my work week

So naturally I was like YES, I'm IN.

So we set off. Fortunately, by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped completely, but that didn't mean the paths weren't muddy. We slid along the paths to the cliffs and then did some of this stuff. You know what I'm talking about—the stuff Facebook profile pictures are made of.

It was so cold we had to stick hot hands in our chalk bags, so when our hands went numb from the cold rock we could warm them up quickly.  But it was incredibly fun.  By the end of the year, I want to be lead certified so I can lead my own climbs, but I definitely have a ways to go....

And, to completely be random and go in an entirely different direction, my dad retired this month!  Because he's pretty cool, they did a news story on him when the whole retirement thing went down.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where else can you find me?

So, I hang out a lot on the internet, because the internet is COOL, yo.

You can follow me on TWITTER @amandakmorgan.

Friend me on The Facebook also with Amanda K. Morgan.  Yes, I have another facebook, but please friend me on this one...the other one's for people I hang out with in real life and don't need to hear me go on about writing ALL THE TIME.  Because sometimes a girl has to go on about rock climbing and music videos and other scandals, right?

Look up my actual website at http://amandaKmorgan.com.  Kudos to the fabulous Miss Jordan Shay for the amazing web design.  Love her.  (If you ever need the most amazing website ever, check out http://www.twisterwebsites.com/web-design-portfolio.html.)

And if you need to email me, catch me at amanda at amandakmorgan dot com.

I'm also on Pinterest, but I don't really understand it yet and I've only pinned one thing (an awesome outfit, if you were wondering).

Monday, January 2, 2012

Projects and such

In case you were wondering exactly what I am working on, here's a quick description I've been playing around with:

Roxanne’s father is a pioneer in conservation—preserving the soul outside the body. The idea is that if the soul is removed, a person can do anything without tainting the immortal core.




It’s easy to get away with crimes in a world being ripped apart by holy war.

The idea is that when the deeds are done, the soul is replaced.

That’s the idea, anyway.

But somehow, somewhere, Roxanne’s father made one mistake—with his own daughter—robbing her of eternal life and giving her soul to another man. A man who doesn’t want to return the cleanest soul he’s ever found. A man who won’t keep it that way.

Roxanne must get her soul back. Her father is trapped in his mansion in Centralia, PA, refusing to leave even as the town drops into the coal fires that burn beneath it and threaten to ravage the surrounding cities. All she has is her best friend, Clay, and the feeling that somehow, somewhere, she’s wrong. Together, the two will navigate the remains of the world to try to save Roxanne’s afterlife.

THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL is a YA novel about love, sacrifice, and choices.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello there

So.  Who am I? 

And why should you read this blog?

The first one’s pretty easy.

I’m a writer.  During the day, I write for Corporate America, and I feel pretty lucky that I get to do that.  After work, however, I write novels and poems and the occasional terrible song which no one will ever hear (except for maybe the unlucky roommate who wanders past the room while my fingers are fumbling around with that stupid B chord).  Novels, however, are my fave.  YA novels, to be specific.

 C and Mandy, covering a fashion event

When I’m not writing, I’m not just hanging at my house, smoking cigarettes and drinking scotch from a clear glass tumbler, although that seems pretty glamorous in a Hemingway sort of way.  You’ll find me at the rock climbing gym, or playing sand volleyball, or hanging out with friends.  I’ve been told I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but whatevs.  I just like to be entertained.

 Climbing at Kings!

I also like to travel, but get this—I have NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY.  Go ahead.  Slap me.  Roll your eyes.  Try out some other shocked clich├ęs. Go for it.

The second question—well.  I don’t really know.  But I guess you should read because I enjoy shenanigans (not just saying the word, but getting into them, too) and I fully intend to blog about all of them.

Well.  Maybe not ALL of them.

You know.

Anyway, hang around.  Leave a comment and say hi.  Invite me on an all-expense paid trip to Venice if you feel like it.